Culture of Comparison. and Why I Started a Blog

This day and age, it is easy to look at people with success, and those who have built a platform for themselves to be recognized. It is also just as easy to look at yourself, and think that what you bring to the table is insignificant.

So why start a blog? I started a blog, to challenge myself. To get past the feeling of “What do I have to offer?” Often times I would compare myself to other creatives, and other bloggers, and ask myself  “why bother?”

So I have stepped out. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to keep up with and make time for. But I am investing in it. Because I believe my voice, my ideas, and my content. Can bring value.

So Why Might You Start a Blog?

There are a couple of reasons. But I challenge you. DO NOT start a blog purely for money. There are a lot of get rich quick schemes that tell people “if you blog, or make videos or this and that, you can make 11 thousand dollars this week!”

This is simply nonsense. Though there are a lot of people out there who make a successful living off of blogging and content creation. It didn’t come without hard work. Lots, and lots of hard work…

This is something so many of us seem to be so afraid of. Our culture today has taught us to work the 9-5, and come home and do whatever we feel like doing. We get a job so we can get out of debt, and because we have a better job, we can make better payments, and the debt just increases! But that’s not enough. So many people are so afraid of the term “Hard work” it is a wonder they even got to where they are now? If they didn’t have a video game habit to pay for, they would just stay home and play games with all of their free time.

The sad reality to this, is that so many people are missing out on their destinies because “Why bother?” We look at people who have made it, and now with our overly saturated Instagram, facebook comparison platforms. We sit for hours comparing ourselves to people who look like they have it all. So why bother?

I bother, because I know I am not just another person living another life, No different than a movie extra in the background of a film. Most people get stuck here, and they never get out of the background and into their destiny.


If you are always spending time on social media comparing yourself to other people, and what they have, and what they are doing. You will NEVER be able to accomplish anything. because “Why bother? I’m not as good as so and so.” and then we just keep scrolling, and forget about that person until the next time we have the slightest inspiration to do something in that direction and wait… “I’m not as good as them.. so why bother?”

Something I have benefited from greatly is only consuming the kind of content from media the fuels my inspiration. Instead of looking at something someone has done and asking myself if I could ever do that? I make a plan. I break it down. I ask myself “What is one thing I can do this week to move a step closer toward this idea”

Its the little hinges that swing the largest doors in our life. Often times they are overlooked, and because of that, The doors swing shut, and we close ourselves in, comparing ourselves, and belittling ourselves. Only to live the rest of our lives wondering what we could have been?

So take the little steps, no matter how insignificant it feels. The little steps are always the things that prevent us from accomplishing our dreams. So switch it around, and make the little steps work for you, instead of against you. Little steps eventually take you a long way from where you started.


Writing things down is the single greatest key to accomplishing something you aspire to do.  I am not going to write much about this. But you can check out my previous blog post on this here.


Once you make up your mind, that there is basically nothing you can’t do. Then there is basically nothing you can’t do.

And I know this sounds prideful and conceited to most people, but with the resources available to us today, our level of learning is absolutely insane!

Sure there are a lot of things I could care less about, and will probably never learn about. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t. And there are some skills that I probably would not enjoy doing, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t practice. But with the things you are passionate about, imagine your potential! You have a nearly unlimited resource of information available to you.

Think about it. Any question we have, about almost anything in the world. We can pull a little square out of our pockets, and ask it. And the answer comes up in seconds! But because of this, so many are missing out, thinking that content provided, and platforms spoken from, are some far out there thing. When it really isn’t at all! Sure some people got lucky breaks or were born into the right family. But a whole lot of people that have made it, didn’t have any of those things!

I am fully convinced of the human ability, that there is nothing you cannot learn and nothing you cannot do. Some things may be obviously ridiculous and unaccomplishable (like breathing underwater by evolutionary development in the human body during your lifetime) But I am not talking about the ridiculous things like that! I am talking about the dreams, passions, and desires that each one of us has in our hearts, but so few have been able to accomplish.

There is nothing that you cannot do

3 thoughts on “Culture of Comparison. and Why I Started a Blog

  1. I really like you blog post!! I also have the same thinking that why to compare yourself with anyone else!! Why to be always on the social media and looking at others that what they are doing.
    I know I am the best and I think we all should know this!

    I hope you achieve success someday cuz I think I am also somewhat like you only! 🙂

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