How To Overcome Failure

Ok, So I haven’t made any blog posts in a while, But I have recently come back to this. The initial task of creating a blog was very exciting. And along the way I discovered that I liked making and building the websites and blogs, almost more than actually using them.

Looking back it would be easy to think that my first year of blogging was a failure. And maybe to some that would be true. But for me, It was a huge learning experience.

The skills and knowledge that I gained just in creating the blog website (which has recently been updated) have been invaluable. I have been able to use those wordpress skills in order to help out my church, and also make income on the side for client work as a freelancer, and what is soon turning into a business.

The point is, While one person may say I failed at blogging, and in a sense for this first year of blogging, this is true. But the argument could also be made, that while I failed at consistently blogging during the first year, I have not failed at consistently growing over that same time.

Facing Failure

Often times if we can get past the emotion, the guilt and shame of failure and making mistakes, we can evaluate what mistake we have made, how to grow from them, and learn to move forward.

At the end of the day all of us have at one point or another made some mistakes, and those mistakes may have caused us to feel like our world was over. For some it may be more serious and heart aching than others. But if we can begin moving forward, our greatest mistakes, can become our greatest opportunities.

If a mistake has been made, There is nothing anyone can do about it after the fact, we can’t go back in time (as much as we would like too) we have no choice but to move forward. For some mistakes this may mean facing a lot of painful changes. For others, maybe it’s overcoming embarrassment, or shame, or guilt. Or maybe no one knows the mistakes you’ve made? and you feel so guilty on the inside because of them.

But I am here to tell you to take a deep breath, and we can work through this!

Where do we go from here?

I know my example of a failure at the beginning may seem petty compared to some of the things others go through. Some may have made some debilitating failures that changed the course of their entire lives.

I realize that, and I am going somewhere with this so stay with me.

But first of all, If you are someone who has had your life crushed by failures and mistakes you have made. There is hope moving forward.

The first step to finding wholeness again, is in making Jesus Christ the Lord of your Life (Accept Jesus Christ as Lord)

First of all if you clicked that link and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I want to congratulate you, and welcome you into the family of God! Please comment and let me know if you did!

Moving Forward

Jesus is the first and most important step. And for some, accepting Jesus may have been the solution in and of itself, But for others, maybe you have a relationship with Jesus already, But you are still struggling with some things in your life? Maybe the failures you have been stuck in have been habitual? You tell yourself time and time again that you will change, but you find yourself continuing on doing the same things over and over again, until you feel lost and hopeless?

Whatever it may be, here are some things you can begin to implement into your life to see change begin to take place as you move forward.

Overcoming Failure

1. Genuine Repentance

In the Bible, King David made some serious mistakes. He committed adultery, and after this woman got pregnant from David, David murdered the husband to cover it up.

But even after all of this David is referred to in the Bible as “A Man after Gods own heart”

How is this possible after all that King David did?

They key to overcoming this failure, was genuine repentance.

In the 51st chapter of Psalms we read about David’s heart after God. He was did not care about appearances before people, He did not care about how the kingdom saw their ruler, he said to the Lord “Against you and you only have I sinned”

In asking Gods forgiveness David repented because he was truly sorry to the Lord for what he had done. He didn’t repent because he had been caught, or because he had to deal with severe consequences for his actions. The heart of his repentance was with God.

He valued his relationship with God above all of those other things, and in doing so, his repentance was truly genuine, from a heart that wanted to please the Lord and do all of Gods will.

2.You may have made a mistake, but you are not a mistake.

This is one area many people remain defeated in if they have made mistakes. Your mistakes are not who you are. You may have to deal with the consequences of some of the failures you have made.

But you are not a failure.

Your identity needs to be separate from the sum total of what you have done.

And it’s easy associate who you are with what you have done when we live in a culture where the first thing we ask each other is “So what do you do? Instead of “What are you passionate about?” or “so who are you, tell me about yourself”

All to often we fall for this dangerous trap of intertwining our identity with the things we have done in life.

Most people think this is a great thing to do when the accomplishments of ones life are positive feats. But for those whom have made mistakes and dealt with offsetting circumstances, This often leaves us with this beaten identity, convinced that we are what we have done.

No matter how successful I become in life, My success is not who I am. My identity is not found in the stature of work that I have accomplished, clients I have worked for, or even businesses I may build. My Identity is found in the fact that I am a product of the grace of God, by his grace he saved me, by his grace he equipped me. And in finding our identity in the grace and love of God for us, Our identity will not be shaken, even if our external accomplishments and circumstances are. If we make mistakes, Our identity is still in His Grace that forgives us.

We must receive our identity from what He has done, and not what we have done.

3. Understand that mistakes can be opportunities to learn and grow

This is an important key if you have been struggling with habitual failure. Maybe your trying to stop a bad habit, be active, eat healthy, Or maybe it’s a more serious problem that you really need help with (and for those, I do recommend first talking to your local pastor, or second finding a christian councilor to help you)

In the moment of failure, we can go two different directions. we can allow the emotion and embarrassment of the moment to gnaw away at us, or, we can evaluate how everything happened, and learn how to avoid dangerous pitfalls and situations in the future.

For example, maybe you are trying to eat healthy, but you just finished off that extra piece of cake, and now your sitting at home feeling defeated, Like you will never gain mastery over this area of failure.

Often times in the heat of failure, caution gets thrown to the wind, and we think “I already blew it, I might as well give up, and eat the rest of the cake”

But this only continues the cycle of defeat.

If you honestly evaluate the situation maybe you can discover somethings, that will give you long lasting victory.

For example, maybe eating the cake wasn’t the root issue, But your stressful day at work was? and you just felt the need to indulge yourself instead of learning how to be free of all of that stress.

Or maybe the real problem wasn’t in eating the cake, but allowing yourself to be in a situation where cake is so readily available.

whatever the case may be, these insights can be valuable tools that help you overcome. Now we know, Instead of not eating cake, I need to go a step further and not even buy it, or not allow myself to be in a position where temptation may arise.

Or you learned that eating the cake was just a symptom of a root problem. Which is, needing to learn how to handle and be free from too much stress.

Whatever it is, you see how failures can prove to be enlightening moments about oneself.

Final Take-Away

If you have faced something difficult, and you are struggling to overcome that failure in life. I believe these 3 keys will help you in overcoming those issues. I encourage you right now, Wherever you are, to just get alone with God for a few moments, and ask Him to search your heart, and to heal you of the effects of whatever past you may have left i dealt with. I am praying over each and every person that reads this post, and believing that God will touch them, and heal them in a powerful way.

The only way we can overcome is by the help of the Holy Spirit in our life’s. So will you ask Him right now for His help?

At the time of this writing, currently the world is dealing with a widespread lockdown during coronavirus. In times like this it’s easy to mull over all of the things we could have done better. But whatever failures you may have faced in the past, It’s time to leave the past in the past, And we zeal and tenacity move on to the other side and breakthrough into victory

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