Journaling – The Creative Escape.

I have always used journaling as a way to pray, to process my thoughts and emotions, and to clear my mind. I have a unique appreciation of nice notebooks (especially leather) and nice pens. The only problem is that my handwriting not legible, so now I just have to get my handwriting up to par with the quality of materials I am writing with.

There are 3 simple uses for journaling that I use in my everyday life.

  1. Bullet Journaling.
  2. Journaling.
  3. Prayer Journal.

1. Bullet Journaling.

This is a simple analog productivity system to organize your life and plan for success. I could say a lot about this, but there is already so much information readily available. Unlike many popular uses of the bullet journal, I however keep mine very simple and un-beutified

Simple use case is this. If you have a hard time staying organized, and remembering all of your daily tasks. This is a solution for you. Even if you don’t “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”

(For a simple understanding of bullet journaling visit

2. Journaling.

This for me is a more traditional type of journal, It is my catch all writing space. I use it to…

  • Study the Bible.
  • Take notes during church and other messages.
  • Write down long form prayers.
  • Process thoughts and emotions to clear my mind.

This is usually a very simply process, I just date the entry, and write any of the above categories.

For processing I just write my thoughts and reflections about any given situation or feeling that may be occupying unnecessary attention in my mind. Writing it out helps me to process what ever is bothering me, and easily let go of it.

3. Prayer Journal.

This is the simplest of all my journaling habits. This journal is usually a small portable notebook (like field notes or something similar) that just simply has a prayer request I am believing God for, and all of the scriptures I am standing on with that prayer.

More than anything, this notebook serves as a reference to the scriptures I am trying to build my faith with, for whatever it is I am believing God for.

In Practice.

In practice, These 3 forms of journaling are things that work for me, and help me to keep my mind clear and calm, as well as facilitate learning and planning in my daily life. I’m certain my life would not have the level of output and productivity that I have, if it were not for these methods of journaling.

Considering giving some of them a try, and let me know how it works for you, and what your experience is with journaling.

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