How To Easily Read More of God’s Word

Recently my quest has been simple. Consume more of God’s word.

The world shapes our thinking everyday without us even knowing. Through interactions, social media, news and television. And the only way to think the way God thinks, is to think Gods thoughts, or to think His word.

The Bible continually tells us not to let the word depart from our mouths and always keep it before us.

So I have cultivated a way of simplifying my time in Gods word, in order to consume copious amounts of it.

Dwell + ESV Bible App

So how do you easily put in more of Gods word?

I use an audio bible app called dwell. The simple reason being, extremely high quality audio.

You don’t have to pay for dwell, the ESV bible app has an audio player of its own, I just don’t like the quality of it compared to dwell.

Dwell has some other benefits as well, such as..

  • Being able to repeat passages
  • Multiple Translations and music styles
  • Audio Listening Plans
  • Playlists

So here it is, I simply play though an Audio Bible plan, and open up the ESV Bible app by Crossway to follow along, but sometimes I will use my physical Bible instead.

It only take an hour a day of listening to go through the Bible in 90 days. All you have to do is follow along, reading while listening.

Give this a try a few times and watch how long you can actually spend in the word, and how much of it you will be able to easily go through and get in you.

One thought on “How To Easily Read More of God’s Word

  1. This is awesome! I love, LOVE using audio Bibles too. I do so almost every day in my quiet time, using the YouVersion app. I like the narrator they have for the NIV version a little better than the ESV narrator.

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