Name Calling

Imagine calling yourself a firefighter your whole life, but never putting out one fire.

Imagine calling yourself a chef your whole life, but never cooking one meal.

Imagine a mechanic that’s never touched a tool, or a lifeguard that’s never swam.

A writer that’s never written, or a driver that’s never driven.

Yet what about a Christian, that isn’t obedient to what Christ says?

So where are we? We need to honestly evaluate ourselves, to make sure we are not Christians in name only, But in lifestyle.

Just like the above professions are name only unless accompanied by the appropriate actions and lifestyles, so is our relationship with Jesus. It cannot be in name only.

Unfortunately this is so prevalent in modern culture that there is often little to no distinguishing factor between someone who says they are a Christian, and someone who is not.

So what’s the difference? 1 John 2:6

“the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked.

So ask yourself today. Am I walking in the same manner that in which Jesus walked?

Whatever your answer may be, I can assure you that there is always room for improvement, none of us have fully attained, After all He is Jesus. We will likely never be able to attain in our little bit of time on earth, a perfect example in ourselves of walking like Jesus. But our heart posture, attitudes, and goals should always be to pursue after becoming more like Him.

Where can you be more like Jesus today? Maybe you have never endeavored to pursue Him outside of church a few times a month. Maybe you can just simply start with consistently..

  • Reading the word.
  • Spending time in prayer.
  • Attending church faithfully.

This is the beginning point where God, through His word can begin to work His image in us, transforming us to be more and more like Him.

The important thing is whatever word we hear, we must also do. (James 1:22)

If we will apply that to our lives today, and simply do what the word says. Instead of being a christian in name only, You will be amazed at what begins to take place in and through your life, as Jesus shines through you.

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