Simplifying Life.

Lately i’ve been simplifying a lot of things

  • This Blog
    • Microblogging With 1 Main Point
    • Specifically designing this blog to be stupid simple.
  • Creating
    • Simplify processes that get in the way of creating such as…
      • Camera gear setup
      • planned direction for easy filming and editing
  • Work
    • Client request funnel to capture every email work request into a to-do task in Trello.
    • Simplify projects by
      • Proper planning.
      • Breaking projects down into small form tasks.
  • Devotional Life Toward God
    • Reading plan to stay consistent in the word.
    • Audio Bible + Reading to stay on track for long periods of time.
  • Digital Space
    • Turning all social media notifications off.
    • Simplifying and decluttering my home screen and desktop with only frequently used apps to keep me focused.
  • Health
    • Simple running goals each week
    • Vitamins
    • don’t buy sweets (working on this one)

Why? Because the simpler something is for me, the more inclined I am to do it.

When Moses was leading Israel, we read in Numbers 11, that his father-in-law saw that it was too much for him to judge everyone’s case in the land. So Moses took 70 elders and the Lord gave him a simple way of providing legal judgment. First, the people would see one of the 70, and if it was too much for them. Moses would hear the case.

I try to automate and simplify everything that I can. This makes my work more efficient, so I can accomplish more for the Kingdom of God each day. I keep track of my life by creating a second brain in the form of a bullet journal.

I notice a lot of people make things harder on themselves by doing proper planning.

You an easily change this by…

  • Grabbing a notebook or paper.
  • Writing every task you have to do down on paper. (Also known as a “brain dump”)
  • Break each task into small actionable to do’s to help keep you on track.
  • Let your written plan act as train tracks to keep you in the right direction.

Watch how stress disappears as you organize your life into actionable simple tasks.

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