Spiritual and Physical Benefit’s of Daily Exercise.

Your body is the temple of the Lord (1 Cor 6:19)

Imagine borrowing someone’s sports car to maintain it. But you fill it with the cheapest gas, the cheapest oil and if it needs it, the cheapest parts.

That car isn’t going to run very long, and the owner will blame you! So it is with our bodies. The Lord dwells in us, so we should take care of ourselves.

My favorite way to do this is by going on a light run. Not only does this benefit my body, but without a morning run, I notice I am only 1/4 as productive, focused and aware, during the day. I also notice that without exercise, i sometimes begin to be anxious. But with exercise, there are no anxious thoughts.

I have a race to win here on this earth, and a calling to fulfill. So by taking care of my body through daily exercise I can maximize my output, and minimize the strain.

Paul disciplined his body daily (1 Cor 9:27) So I encourage you try and do the same.

As for me, now I just have to stop eating so much sugar.