The Art of Getting Stuff Done.

Ok, so we have all been there. Lots of things to do, or maybe a big dream and vision for something that you want to accomplish. (Especially in the new year)

But why do most of us manage to fall behind, and drift away from our goals and dreams, leaving them unfinished? Myself sometimes included.

With this in mind, I am going to share some practical tips for you, on how to Get stuff done. And what helped me to overcome this.

These tips, are things that I use on a daily basis and would be absolutely lost without each one of these steps.

Step One: Write it Down

You would not believe the number of people, who have a big dream, or vision in their heart. Something they would like to accomplish, both short term, or long term. But all they ever do is talk about it.

Its good to talk about the things you want to see done. But don’t just leave it at that, Write them down.

By writing things down, you can overcome the sometimes paralyzing and intimidating beginning of a dreams intangibility. as well as empty your mind of the stress and pressure that always causes you to ask yourself “am I forgetting anything?”

This will help break the overwhelming feeling that many people have when approaching big goals or tasks.

Some people (and I have been there) can get so intimated by the task at hand, that they eventually back away from it, and avoid it altogether because it’s just too overwhelming to think about.

This is why writing things down has been the key for me.

So How Do We Do This?

Personally, I use a method called “The Bullet Journal”

This is another post entirely, but I cannot express enough how much this system helps me to get things done.

For more information on starting your own, I recommend checking out this book, from the creator of the Bullet Journal Method  The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future and head over to

Even if it’s not a bullet journal, Any notebook, or piece of paper will do.

Start by taking your long term goals, or projects and write it out. Don’t miss a detail. Just take everything in your mind, about this particular thing, and put it on paper.

Maybe it’s a goal about where you want to be with your business or a certain relationship.

Maybe you want to work on your health and routines. Start by taking your overall goal and vision, and write down every detail.

Maybe you don’t have all the details yet? Write whatever you can, even if it is only a super vague and general overview.

After you write this vision down. You may notice some of the pressure from trying to remember it all in your head is leaving.

Step Two: Break it Down.

For a lot of people, after step one, they are still intimidated or overwhelmed by the task or goals at hand.

Breaking down your goals on paper is the crucial step to making a big intimidating goal, into a more achievable process.

Start by taking your larger vision, and breaking it down into small Specific steps that you can do to get closer to your ultimate vision.

For Example:

It’s not enough to just say “I want to be more fit this year” Most people will never be able to accomplish that goal because it is just to general.

Take your goal, and ask yourself “What step can I take in this direction”

If its fitness, You may write. “I am going to work out once a week”

At first, this may seem insignificant compared to your larger goal in mind. But it is still crucial. Even if you are only able to go to the gym once a week, that is still 52 more times in a year than you went last year.

So now that you have got that down, maybe your next goal is “I am going to cut out this one food item”

For me, It was Jellybeans. I had a terrible weakness to jelly beans, and would often find myself eating the entirety of a bag, within just a few days. This was causing some significant health issue (to my ignorance)

But just by cutting out this one food item, I was able to significantly improve my health.

Why do I say all that? changing one Item is much less intimidating of a change, then trying to take on an entirely new diet.

Breaking down your goals into smaller, easier steps, will help you to accomplish your overall goals and dreams. as well as lessen the intimidation, that so often causes a lot of us to give up on our dreams.

Step Three: Just Do it!

The last thing you must do, in order to accomplish these goals. Is just go for it! you must do it! even if it doesn’t work out, it will be a learning experience that you can still gain value from.

I have tried a lot of things in the past, that ended up not working out. But that doesn’t mean I failed, I just means I learned the particular thing I was trying, wasn’t for me or wasn’t for now.

In the past I have tried a couple of different e-commerce businesses, I took weeks designing the website, making the graphics, the ads, everything that goes into an online business. And I had zero purchases.

Though I’m sure if I would have been consistent, It would have gained some traffic and made some money. Ultimately, what I discovered is that. Now is not the time for this. So I put it on the shelf.

But the knowledge I gained from this has helped me in so many ways. A lot of this knowledge and experience I now use every week for the other things that I ended up doing!

But if I would have just stayed in doubt, wondering if it would work, wondering if it was good enough, wondering if I had the skills and experience to take it on. I would have never learned the valuable lessons I use every day now!

The bottom line is, whatever it is you want to accomplish, just go for it! the only people who make mistakes are the ones who don’t do anything.

Mistakes don’t mean you are a failure, it just means you learned something valuable for future endeavors.

A big thing that was holding me back, was “Imposter Syndrome” which had me questioning all the time If I was good enough. I was always wondering if the opportunities I had been given, were a mistake. That I wasn’t good enough.

But the only way you will ever know if you can do something is to simply just do it.

Start with your small steps, and work toward your big goals, but you must do it. Don’t just talk about it, don’t just write it down, don’t just keep it to yourself.

Step out and do it!

The results may surprise you.

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