The Remnant – God’s Chosen People, Who Have Simply Chosen God.

It’s no secret that the last 2 years have been incredibly challenging for many people, in fact for some, challenging would be an understatement.

But there is hope

There are many nations in the world that have been locked down, closed down, and kept under control. What began as “15 days to slow the spread” has turned into 2 years of chaos.

But there is peace

Jesus taught his disciples to heal the sick (Matthew 10:8), the apostles taught the church to call for the elders of the church to lay hands on them and pray, and the prayer of faith WILL save the sick. (James 5:15)

Churches today, command the sick to stay at home and close their buildings if sickness is found.

What happened to the power of God?

What happened to healing the sick?

What happened to casting out devils?

What happened to raising the dead? Cleansing the lepers?

Praying for the baptism of the Holy Spirit to fill the new believers

Discipling new believers to obey all that Jesus taught and commanded.

People Are In Desperate Need.

It’s time for the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ to discover who they are and to take their authority, and move on the earth with the power of the Holy Spirit.

The missing elements in believers’ lives are very simple!

  1. Pray
  2. Read The Bible
  3. Evangelize

These are the basics of Christianity. (Acts 2:42-43)

We simply must believe it.

The Time Is Now

If we don’t take charge of our lives now, of our families, and of our sphere of influence. Who will?

Jesus has equipped us to be perfectly enabled to fulfill our God-given destiny and purpose on the earth. Which is all about building the Kingdom of God, and seeing souls saved from a lost eternity.

You don’t have to be perfect! you don’t have to be in full-time ministry! if you have been born again, you are a saint, and you perfectly qualify for the infilling of God’s power to propel you in life, to reach the lost.

You Just have to believe it, and do it!

There Is a Remnant.

ooh, but there is a remnant of radical believers in Jesus Christ, who will not bow to the confines of the world’s systems, or the restrictions of worldly men who demand the cease of the preaching of the gospel. (Acts 5:29)

There may be a fiery furnace of persecution, but we will not bow, because the bottom line is, that people are still going to hell every day because no one has told the truth of who Jesus is.

But this remnant is a group of believers who boldly proclaim the gospel, not just with wise words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit and power! (Acts 1:8, 1 Corinthians 2:4)

The question set before you today is this

Will you be The Remnant?

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